Friday, 17 June 2011

macarons for birthday party!

See the wonderful macarons right here? Aren't they just so cute! :)

Monday, 25 April 2011

Please welcome.. BIJOUX TOWER!

Bijoux Tower

       Ladies and gentlemen.. here it is, the pioneer, elegant, classy, packed with hand crafted edible jewels; BIJOUX TOWER! This cone of jewels is very suitable for table centerpiece as well as for hantaran. You guys can now place your order for Bijoux Tower minimum one (1) week before collection.

      We can add some fresh flowers to your tower with additional price. Discuss with us should you require it. The arrangement of the macarons is fixed like in the photo. However, there are other types of arrangements available with different price. The choice of color is really up to you guys so the tower can fit with the theme of your event or celebration. Lets bring the macarons up to a higher level, everybody!

Crystal (Small) - 1' (RM200) 
Swarovski (Medium) - 1.5'-2' (RM250) 
Diamond (Large) -2.5'-3' (RM300)

     Here are some photos of Bijoux Tower "The Making". The tower in the photos here is in Swarovski (approx. 90-100 macarons)

Starting at the base

Applying more glue..

Hope they won't fall. Gotta use cement now!

Few more macarons to go! Wanna be on top?!

And recently for my friend's engagement day..

Brown and Beige with ganache filling

...same thing.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Got miniature?

      Hello again everyone! Introducing: MINIATURE BIJOUX MACARON! They don't really look that mini from the photos but they actually are more petite than Bijoux's standard macaron size. These tiny macs fit into mini chocolate boxes, comes in 3, 6 and 9. Very cute for gifts! And here are the photos! Nothing fancy. But YAY for that ribbon! It really helped with the finishing touches! LOL!


Same angle same distance but I just got to upload..

Saturday, 16 April 2011

New Trending: Macarons for Engagement/ Wedding Hantaran

Brides and grooms nowadays are tired of giving cakes, cupcakes, chocolates as their hantarans. Then, why don't you guys make a new trend - by giving your loved ones cute, colorful, sweet yet elegant

M A C A R O N S! !!
You can custom your macaron colours (according to chefs' recommendation) to suit your colours of wedding/ engagement theme! So, here are the samples of macarons for hantaran :)

*Hantaran decorations are for display purpose only. Extra decoration will be surcharge

Alright now.. How do I order the macs?

      Okay gorgeous people.. In case if any of you have missed out or at least lazy to scroll down to the oldest post, here we re-post again the ''things that you need to know'' before you place your orderS.

      We've come across a customer asked ''When are you gonna reply my order I've been waiting for centuries!'' We were like... ''I'm sorry but we believe we did not receive your order..'' (while screwing gmail and FB for not refreshing the inbox) ''Err.. yeaa well actually I ordered at your photo comment'' We were.. ''Aha!!'' So here we goooo..!


- Spinel Pink
- Amethyst Violet
- Citrine Yellow
- Peridot Green
- Ruby Red
- Zircon Blue
- Topaz Brown


- Georgia Peanut Butter
- Alice in Caramel
- Nikki Mix Berries
- Coco oh Chocolate

* Macaron contains eggs and nuts

- RM25 @ 12pcs

+ RM5 - Shah Alam, Subang, Klana Jaya, Puchong & within the radius
+ RM10 - KL

Small- 1' (RM200)
Medium- 1.5 - 2' (RM250)
Large- 2.5 - 3' (RM300)
(For Bijoux Tower please order in advance)  
*For hantaran, dulang or special boxes not included.

Please include these info in your order:

- Pieces/dozens
- Color & Filling (Or simply mix)
- Delivery day & date
- Home/Pick-up address
- Phone number

- Maybank2u
- COD (bring exact amount)

Thank You,
Les Bijoux Macarons

* Orders can be made at or FBmail at Shawn A. Nasution and Wynn Nasution

Les Bijoux default colours

So here are the basic or default colours that we've been talking about. The Spinel, Citrine, Amethyst and Peridot. Cute combination isn't it? However should you need more exquisite colours, we may fulfill your request provided the order is five (5) dozens and above. So indirectly we suggest you to order like... manyyyyy of 'em! :P

 Basic colours. Soft and down to earth..
Now a little bit closer..

You know how to order already by now so I'm not telling u what to do.. I'm kidding. Email them at: - Syazman A. Nasution - Wynn Nasution

Friday, 15 April 2011

How do you say "Les Bijoux Macaron"?

First, lets get up close and personal with our newborn Les Bijoux Macaron. The word "Les Bijoux" means The Jewels. They're so precious just like your jewelries! Our macarons are made up of fun colours and we represent them with the set of jewels' names; Spinel (pink), Amethyst (violet), Citrine (golden yellow) and Peridot (green).

The flavours that we cater are raspberry, blackcurrant, orange marmalade and chocolate ganache. Our customers' favourites are raspberry and chocolate ganache (according to amount of orders recorded). There are heaps of other striking colours available when you order 5 dozens and above! Ruby, Zircon, Fire Opal and the list goes on!

They sting your eyes don't they?^^

Now, lets learn a bit of French words, shall we? :)

Les Bijoux Macaron [lay: bi jhoo: ma ka ghon]

Isn't that easy!

Okay, say it one more time!

lay: bi jhoo: maka ghon!!
5 Stars for that, everybody!