Monday, 25 April 2011

Please welcome.. BIJOUX TOWER!

Bijoux Tower

       Ladies and gentlemen.. here it is, the pioneer, elegant, classy, packed with hand crafted edible jewels; BIJOUX TOWER! This cone of jewels is very suitable for table centerpiece as well as for hantaran. You guys can now place your order for Bijoux Tower minimum one (1) week before collection.

      We can add some fresh flowers to your tower with additional price. Discuss with us should you require it. The arrangement of the macarons is fixed like in the photo. However, there are other types of arrangements available with different price. The choice of color is really up to you guys so the tower can fit with the theme of your event or celebration. Lets bring the macarons up to a higher level, everybody!

Crystal (Small) - 1' (RM200) 
Swarovski (Medium) - 1.5'-2' (RM250) 
Diamond (Large) -2.5'-3' (RM300)

     Here are some photos of Bijoux Tower "The Making". The tower in the photos here is in Swarovski (approx. 90-100 macarons)

Starting at the base

Applying more glue..

Hope they won't fall. Gotta use cement now!

Few more macarons to go! Wanna be on top?!

And recently for my friend's engagement day..

Brown and Beige with ganache filling

...same thing.