Friday, 15 April 2011

How do you say "Les Bijoux Macaron"?

First, lets get up close and personal with our newborn Les Bijoux Macaron. The word "Les Bijoux" means The Jewels. They're so precious just like your jewelries! Our macarons are made up of fun colours and we represent them with the set of jewels' names; Spinel (pink), Amethyst (violet), Citrine (golden yellow) and Peridot (green).

The flavours that we cater are raspberry, blackcurrant, orange marmalade and chocolate ganache. Our customers' favourites are raspberry and chocolate ganache (according to amount of orders recorded). There are heaps of other striking colours available when you order 5 dozens and above! Ruby, Zircon, Fire Opal and the list goes on!

They sting your eyes don't they?^^

Now, lets learn a bit of French words, shall we? :)

Les Bijoux Macaron [lay: bi jhoo: ma ka ghon]

Isn't that easy!

Okay, say it one more time!

lay: bi jhoo: maka ghon!!
5 Stars for that, everybody!